Preparing for Fumigation – Single Family Home

Preparing Your Home for Termite Fumigation / “Tenting” Owners/Occupants Your home is probably your most important investment. There are several things you can do to help ensure the success of the fumigation and the safety and protection of your personal belongings. Preparing food, feed, drugs

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Preparing for Fumigation – Apartments and Condos

Preparing Apartments and Condos for Fumigaiton Drywood termite infestations are not only a widespread problem, but also an expensive one, affecting entire apartment complexes and condominium buildings. A single colony in a single apartment or condo can quickly infest neighboring apartments or condos, causing damage

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Preparing for Fumigation – Commercial or Public Properties

Preparing Commercial and Public Properties for Termite Fumigation Office buildings or commercial properties can sustain damage from termite infestation. This fumigation is similar to apartment or condominium fumigation. Occupants If there is a refrigerator, now would be a good time to throw away all those leftovers

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The Fumigation Process

The Fumigation “Tenting” Procedure What is the termite fumigation process? Termite Fumigation, sometimes called tenting, is a procedure using canvas tarps to cover and seal a structure allowing the fumigant to penetrate the wood in the structure and eliminate termites. Like most other things in

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