Preparing for Fumigation – Apartments and Condos

Preparing Apartments and Condos for Fumigaiton

Drywood termite infestations are not only a widespread problem, but also an expensive one, affecting entire apartment complexes and condominium buildings. A single colony in a single apartment or condo can quickly infest neighboring apartments or condos, causing damage not only to the building itself but also to your furniture and other belongings these hungy little pests might find appetizing.

It’s important, not only to you, but also to your neighbors in the building (and to nearby buildings) to eliminate every colony of termites. The only way to ensure the drywood termites are 100% eradicated is with whole-structure fumigation. Local treatment with Termidor is very effective but cannot GUARANTEE 100% erradication like fumigation with Vikane does. Orange Oil is NOT effective, and other alternatives such as heat treatment have neither the proven effectiveness nor the long-standing record of success that fumigation has, plus they can be equally or even more costly than fumigation!