Quantum Termite Uses Termidor for Termite Defense

Termites cause over $6 billion of damage annually in the U.S. alone. Having Quantum Termite and Construction protect your home with Termidor termiticide is the best way to rest assured that your home won’t become a part of that staggering statistic.

Termidor is America’s #1 termite defense product, and there’s simply no other termite control product that works better or delivers more reliable termite protection. Quantum Termite and Construction, Inc. has been qualified by BASF (the manufacturer of Termidor) as a certified professional and is formulated and manufactured by a company that cares and stands behind its products.

How a Termidor Termite Treatment Works

To control termites, a liquid Termidor termiticide / insecticide termite treatment is applied with precision along the foundation walls or exterior perimeter of your home or injected into the wood of the structure. The treatment uses time-tested application methods at very low rates. It is virtually odor free and won’t cause any disruption to your family’s normal routines.

In soil treatments, Termidor binds tightly to the soil to create the “Termidor Zone.” Since this protective termite treatment zone is undetectable to termites, termites can’t avoid it and will not try to find a way around it (as they typically do with repellent termite treatments).

To control drywood termites, Quantum Temite technicians may apply Termidor Termiticide directly into termite galleries to treat drywood termites.

Termidor Kills and Controls Termites Several Ways

When termites eat Termidor treated material, they will die. But Termidor doesn’t stop there. It kills termites by contact as well. And since termites can’t detect its presence, termites directly ingest and contact Termidor as they go about their normal routines.

The Unique Termidor “Transfer Effect”

Whenever a termite touches Termidor, it can become a “carrier,” transferring Termidor to other termites it contacts. Secondary carriers continue transferring Termidor to other termites they contact, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony. This unique “Transfer Effect™” is one of the reasons no other termite treatment can control termites like Termidor.

Checkups Are Recommended

Regular follow-up inspections and monitoring are the keys to maintaining your Termidor protection and controlling termites over time. Thorough inspections by Quantum Termite and Construction, Inc. will also ensure that the Termidor Zone hasn’t been disrupted by subsequent home improvements, alterations, or landscaping.

With Quantum Termite and Construction, Inc. (a Termidor certified company) and America’s #1 termite defense product Termidor working together to protect your home, termites and costly termite damage will be the last thing on your mind.